Good Karma

There are many projects we support, we ask that for the sake of selfless service that you may visit the following links and donate. The organizations below all help in helping others to live a better life. If possible please give and surely by doing so the bodhisattva path opens clearer with understanding of selfless service towards others.

These are some of the organizations we support

The Didi Project

The Didi Project is a women owned organization based upon helping rural communities in Nepal. Through the use of personal encounters and experiences they identify persons and families in need, and they are  successful in there use of skills and resources. They aim to stop sex trafficking and many other inhumane crimes . They work with communities, non-governmental organizations, and government institutions to create new sustainable partnerships for positive change.

Click here to Donate

Seva Foundation

The Seva Foundation is the leading charity organization in todays world, they sponsor people even in the remotest parts of the world so they can have the basic necessities to live such as food, medicine, shelter and Domestic resolutions. They even give you an update report of their work and progress throughout the world.

Click here to Donate

Thank You


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