Pratap Lama the Master Thangka painter

            Not only do you have to paint with precision accuracy but to do it with the utmost concentration, each brush stroke is placed accordingly emphasizing emptiness of any thought outside the single focus. Truly a meditation master Pratap Lama renders his focus with beautiful paintings that are not only his faith but truly his life work. His only goal is to share his work abroad and teach to others on the discipline of Dharma,the right way. Mr Pratap Lama has toured in Europe and throughout Asia displaying his many celebrated pieces. His pride is not  how many places he’s gone to but how his work influences people to practice Dharma. As a measure of good will towards all sentient being’s he blesses all his art work with many invocations making the painting complete and one of kind. To own a Pratap Lama Thangka painting is truly a blessing and will bring great things to your life. They are not only beautiful and painted by a master but are powerful, below is Pratap Lama  working with a western canvas and posture in his Gallery in Pacific Grove Ca.

 Pratap Lama was born in Nepal in a rural mountain village, he was taught the ancient art of Thangka painting at a very young age and continued to do so and taught many others on the way, he has several schools in Kathmandu Nepal and still teaches even outside his native country, just as his ancestors before him, to carry on the traditional values of a truly Buddhist way of life. The work to make a Thangka painting is a strenuous leap for any outsider, but to Mr Pratap Lama 8 hours of painting everyday are simply moments of concentration and after 3 months or even 6 months 8 to 12 hours each day the Thangka painting is complete and blessed to insure utmost quality       Pratap Lama is very humble about his work, it does not even cross his mind  to even brag even a little bit about any of his feats, but truly a man like this deserves a place among many of the great master painters of the world, I am very grateful to have met such a man as this who is so masterful but yet so humble about himself. I wish only the best of wishes to him and to anyone else interested in his fine masterfully done work.

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