knowing which deity is right for you


Many begin to wonder which deity better fits my life style and preference in what do I really want? Often its easy to desire for certain things but this is not the point, what we instead should instill is the idea of nothingness as the quintessential truth, in other words lets not desire. Instead examine with three points in mind is the deities power to much to control, whether or not to obtain liberation or pursue as a help for those who wish to obtain liberation and is the deity for a meditative purpose or for a tantric purpose. To really know examine the thangka in mind and study its features. Thangka’s are the personification described in literature so the idea is to worship the deity honor the picture not honor the deity worship the picture. So all you have to do is look for what is in a metaphysical experience the ideal being that speaks not in words but through the primordial silence within us all the Buddha waiting to be released.

Oh sentient being there is little time in ones life for trivial explanations what you will expect in owning a thangka is something beyond all intelligence and is beyond complete human understanding. A thangka is the very key for which liberation from samsara becomes easier because of the power they hold. Simply haveing one on your wall denotes strong spiritual energy that makes for a more enlightened meditation practice. There is no better place to be than right now so order one of our genuine hangka’s today and be amazed by how you will feel in your home.

Our thangka paintings are 100% authentic and come in limited quantities so please order today or miss out on a great opportunity to own a master thangka from renowned artist Pratap Lama. please visit the following articles:

About The Artist

Thangka Creation Process

Online Store

Thank You


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